Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning....

After enjoying sleeping in (haven't done that for a while...does 8am count as sleeping in?), the sunshine drew me outside for a walk on this bright but chilly morning.
I'm very lucky to live in an older, established neighbourhood with gorgeous big trees, amazing gardens, wonderful people, rolling parks.. and what better way to spend a morning then to get outside and enjoy it!

This was the sky this morning...wispy clouds with the sun peaking through...there were even a few sundogs.

This is one of my neighbours' gardens....years and years of work have obviously gone into their yard and home...beautiful!

This is a tree filled ravine in a park just a few minutes away...Charlie and I spend a lot of time here, enjoying the greenspace.

This tree bark just asks for you to reach out and touch/feel it! The texture is something only nature could produce!

After my walk I was craving a home I went to make myself one....

I'm now sitting here on the couch, enjoying my mug of warm, frothy goodness, looking through Pinterest for some more inspiration for my bac yard design/decor. I'm also delaying the, laundry, putting together a 'gazebo'......typical Saturday tasks..

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Lake Life...

Spring is now here (well more snow please!) and it will be May next week. Before we know it, summer will be upon us and I am determined to not let it fly by like it did last year! There will be beach days, cottages, lakes, boats, sand, etc etc this summer....

Growing up in Southern Ontario, we were lucky enough to have ready access to the Great Lakes, more specifically Lake Huron, and I also spent many summers in Northern Ontario on Lake of the Woods. There is just something about being near water..I can spend hours just sitting on the rocks, listening, smelling, and watching all of the the sounds, smells and movement of the lake. The sunrises, the sunsets...they're literally unmatched anywhere else!

I'm still working on a plan to one day own a cottage....and looking at these pictures keeps me focused on that goal!

Charlie enjoying a Port Elgin Sunset
Port Elgin Harbour

Lake Huron Sunset near Goderich

Out for a walk after sunset - Port Elgin

Point Clark - St. Patrick's Day 2012

One final Lake Huron Sunset.....

Storm Bay Road - Lake of the Woods

Nothing really compares to a Northern Ontario Lake...

Make sure you take the time to get outside and enjoy. There is so much inspiration to draw from the outdoors...but especially from being by the lake!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Time flies by...

It has been an absolutely crazy month...I don't even know where to begin!

I have been travelling the province with work ...I really enjoy that aspect of my job but there are times I almost forget what my house looks like.

The Spring flowers and colours keep inspiring me...and always bring a smile to my face! My tulips are ALMOST blooming...sooo close!

Even though the weather had been perking up, I came down with quite a bug over a week ago and am still fighting it off...I actually caved and went to the doctor (which I hate to do)....but I'm finally feeling much better.

I have been on a bit of a shopping kick lately too :S My wallet hates me but I have made some GREAT finds...both in items and services.

Here are some pics from my past few weeks:

My dining room table with some fresh, spring tulips...

I really, really want this buffet from Wood Haven Furniture in Guelph...

Some recent purchases from Blush in Guelph....a gal can never have too many shoes or purses!

Some Easter flowers....cute yet rustic in their little apothocary type bottles/basket.

Forsythia bushes in Spring....such a great pop of yellow!

Three amazing new salon and spa in Guelph....I spent an afternoon pampering myself with the wonderful gals who work there!

My oh so handsome Charlie.... he turned 7 in March...I can't believe it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Spring....

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