Friday, March 29, 2013

Love Her Style!!

I was having a look through my Instagram feed the other day and saw these absolutely gorgeous painted antlers!

I opened up the Padgett Hoke Blog and immediately felt a connection to her style, both in her home and her own personal style!

I love these antlers and can't wait to try painting some that I have! 

The blog takes us through her building her beautiful and rustic home in Jackson Hole. If I were to ever build, I can safely say that I would mirror a lot of what she has done!

Look at the gorgeous face enjoying some relaxing time in front of this amazing fireplace....

And the bathrooms.....perfect!

Then there's this deck with that!!!

When I say I can relate to her style...I think I have everyone of those pieces in my closet/wardrobe!

I've never been to Wyoming, let alone Jackson Hole....her photos are inspiring me to plan a trip there sooner then later!


Then...there's her Etsy shop! I've posted a few photos of my favourite pieces ....'click' on the photos below and they'll take you directly to the listing on Etsy!

N11268 - Gold antler necklace

This one may just be my favourite!

N11301 - Gold long deer antler pendant necklace

Or...maybe this one! I can't decide which one to get!
ED11261 - Turquoise green glass pendants

These earrings would be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe!

As you can see, we share a lot of similarities in style and her Blog is a wonderful journey through what looks to be a very happy and successful approach to life!!


*All photos are from the Padgett Hoke Blog*

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cottage Dreamin'

If you haven't gotten a copy of House and Home's April Edition...Go...Get one...Right now! You WILL NOT be disappointed! 

Whether it's the Frenchie with the Sunshine Yellow Bentwood Bench or the articles on 'The French Translation' and 'Pretty Organized', this volume is full of great ideas and pops of colour for Spring!

It also has an article that completely stopped me in my tracks and literally made me say, "Wow" out loud....The article is "Fresh & Wild".

It's about "a young couple who reinvigorate a lakeside cottage with nature-inspired finishes and exotic flourishes".

To me this is THE perfect cottage....the stone fireplace, exposed beams, the open-airy feel, the decor, colours, textures, layout, living space, the lot, the lake, the deck, the dock, the cedar shakes on the exterior...the list goes on and on about what I love and I literally would not change a thing!

They did a great job of mixing rustic, antique, weathered pieces with fresh new pieces. The 'beachy' colour palette helps keep the airy feel throughout, in combination with the tall ceilings and so, so many windows!

I love the owner's quote..."Cottages need a bit of whimsy...I love the relaxed vibe created when pieces from a million different places come together." I couldn't agree more!! The article talks about how this cottage has been a work in progress for quite some time and to me, that's exactly what a cottage should be...a never ending project that allows you to transform it into a place that is truly you...

If you are a regular reader of my Blog, you know that my goal is to own a cottage in the next 3-5 years....this is just the kind of article that helps me keep focused to keep on track to my goal of cottage ownership!

Happy Sunday!


Friday, March 22, 2013

A "Tablelift"

This is what my dining area used  to look like with a four legged table and black leather dining chairs. A more  rustic-industrial look that I had brought with me from my loft.  They were perfect for that space, but I felt that they were just a bit 'heavy' and 'clunky' for the "cottage".

I showed you the table below in one of my earlier posts. Solid oak, in really great shape and the perfect size (it has a leaf so I can expand it for when the guests start arriving!)

I also really like that it had a pedestal base which allows me to pull the chair right up under it because when you live in 800 sq ft, every inch counts!

As much as I liked the table, I really was not a fan of the oak, a "tablelift" would be in order!

I got it home and into my basement workshop....then the fun began!

But ...before I could get started, I wanted to be sure I had the proper 'tools' for the end product I wanted to achieve. I purchased a set of good brushes from Home Depot and the paint I decided to go with was from Rona's ECO Recycled Latex Paint, Velvet Finish in the Colour Ocean.

I started with a rough sand to help the first coat adhere, wiped it down with a damp cloth and then began the first coat of paint. The final look I wanted to achieve was a more rustic, imperfect finish, so if you could see the odd brush stroke here and there, that was perfect!

This is part way through the first coat..... (please excuse the mess that the workshop is currently)

Then....after a second coat and bringing the table back upstairs, here is the final product........

Even Charlie was happy with the final product (he gets himself into so many photos)...

The wool table runner is also from the same vendor at the Hanover Market. The peacock feathers in the rustic vase tied the blues in the table to the brown hardwood and the green glass in the room.

Here's a better view of the colour and the wool table runner.....

I'm a big fan of keeping my space fresh and changing out items to add variety, different textures, lines and colours. I sold my old dining table and chairs and with the great deals I was able to get for this table and new-to-me harp back chairs (you'll see more of them in future posts, but here's a sneak peak of their 'before'), changing the entire look and feel of my dining area was no extra $ out of pocket whatsoever.

If you're willing to put in a bit of time and effort, you can change the entire look and feel of your home for practically nothing but a little bit of 'elbow grease'.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

40 Years...

St. Patrick's Day has always been more than celebrating the Irish with our family. My parents tied the knot 40 years ago, on St. Patrick's Day, in the snow storm of the century!

To help celebrate this amazingly special day, I wanted to get them the perfect bouquet. I turned to Sweet Violets in Guelph and as you can see...the final product was just that...perfect!

We'd selected the flowers and then it was time for them to work their magic...I love how they let the greenery, petals and stems accumulate on the floor around them as they put together their gorgeous arrangements.

With it being their brother and I really wanted to try and get them something of meaning...of significance....

I think we succeeded...

When we lost the house to the fire, we lost all of our photos, including Mom and Dad's wedding album.

We had contacted our local photo studio, who is still operating 40 years later and who had done the photography for the wedding....and......THEY STILL HAVE THE NEGATIVES!!

I don't think I could have thanked Mr. and Mrs. Snyder enough! What are the chances of that after 40 years??

We're going to print them all out in 4x6 initially to have another look at them (and make more decisions re: sizing from there), but for now, I asked that they print one for the anniversary so they could have one on 'their' day after 40 years.....

Here it is.........

How cute are they?!?

I had found this green glass mouse and had to get it's a mix of  significance of my brother and I...and Mom and Dad know why :)

While we were all home reminiscing, we couldn't help but remember the same weekend last year......we had taken a road trip to the beach to enjoy the amazing summer like temperatures...

This is the morning of March 17, 2013....


This is March 17, 2012......

These pictures just show what a difference one year can make....we've been through quite a roller coaster over the past 12 months...but St. Patrick's Day....Mom and Dad's anniversary...was perfect!

Love you LOTS Ma and Pa!! xoxo


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life Right Now.....

I have a feeling this is another year that is going to fly by and it'll be Christmas again before we know it! I love capturing life via photos and here are a few from the past few weeks!

Beautiful sunset as we were out for our evening walk....

This handsome guy turned 8 on March 5! I can't believe how quickly time does indeed fly by!

With Spring around the corner, I head to Blush to get the perfect minty purse and clutch! I can't wait for a bit warmer weather to work these into the mix!

I've added a few more items to my Rustic Retrievals Etsy shop! This is an Emerald Green Tea/Coffee set. Perfect as we're getting so close to St. Patrick's Day and it's also the colour of 2013!..Pop on over to our shop and have to look to see our other items!

I was finally able to get together with a great friend (A Paper Buffet and Knitley Road) and we had a chance to exchange Christmas gifts (yes, we've both realized we need to slow down a bit). Part of my gift was this absolutely scrumptious homemade Baileys! I've already put in my order for next year (I'm keeping my finger crossed for maybe 2 bottles!) I decided to try it in my latte on a SUnday morning and needless to say, it was TRES YUMMY!

The finished product....It was soooo good! 

Last weekend we got our first taste of Spring so Charlie and I headed out to the front porch to enjoy the sunshine and my new issue of House and Home magazine.

As much as I enjoy the snow and colder temperatures, I'm more than ready for Spring to arrive!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Small towns ARE the place to shop!

If you are a regular reader of my Blog, you know I'm a HUGE believer and supporter of shopping locally and supporting small businesses! I could name you a great lil shop, boutique or store in almost every small town listed on the map of Southern Ontario below. I love my road trips and finding these hidden gems, all within 1-2 hours of home!

My last post talked about some fabulous chairs I found a new a Market close to the small town where I grew up. I thought in this post I'd show you some more of the amazing offerings at this Market in Hanover, Ontario.

The first thing you saw when you walked into this vendor's shop was this Solid Oak Table set and China set...needless to say, I walked out with the table and the China (all for $100!!) Keep reading for the story behind the China set....

I loved how she displayed this collection of crystal S&P Shakers! I collect crystal candlesticks...maybe I should start a new collection!

I would have purchased every piece of glass in this display if I had a place for it at home...Milk glass, Amber glass, Emerald Glass, Crystal......

I was THIS CLOSE to getting the 2 Emerald Glass Candlesticks (Pantone's Colour for 2013) ...but..I left them behind for another day....If they're still there the next time I go, it'll be fate and I just might have to bring them home with me!

These Milk Glass vases/pedestal bowls with Floral Frogs caught my eye instantly! They would be perfect for wedding centerpieces or a Spring/Summer dinner party to help dress up the table! I just had to get one of the smaller ones (only $8.00!)

Then....there was this beauty! If I had an extra 100 sq feet, this would be sitting in my home as we speak! It was only $125 and in PERFECT, I could use it to display my new China!

Speaking of my new it is! I LOVE everything about it...the colours, the pattern, the gold edges...its is the quintessential rustic beauty! The name is perfect too..."Canadian Wheat".
The story behind the China set makes me smile.....and makes me believe that everything really does happen for a reason! I had seen this set at a shop called the Neustadt Mill in Neustadt, Ontario (just outside of Hanover). I himmed and hawwed about getting the set and ended up walking away without it...I went back again and the set was gone. I was disappointed, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. 
So, as you can believe, when I walked in to that vendor's shop and saw the China...I was NOT going to leave without it! And, to make the story even better, she gave me an AMAZING deal on the's a complete set for 8 (short of one tea cup)...complete with serving pieces....I wasn't going to let it get away twice!

As Spring is slowly starting to appear.....I strongly recommend heading out on the highway and get out and explore the small towns in your never know what hidden gems you may find!!


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