Saturday, May 25, 2013

Found it!!!

Since moving into my home almost 2 years ago, I have been looking for the 'perfect' piece to use as an entertainment centre.

I have a 10 foot length of wall that I wanted the piece to run the full space of and it had been a challenge finding exactly what I had envisioned.

My parent's neighbours are getting into the reclaimed wood business and I had planned on asking them to put something together for me....but....then Mom and I went on a shopping road trip to the town of Neustadt.

We frequent this small town quite a bit for their wonderful shops and the fantastic people who own/operate them. To our happy surprise, we found a new shop called Refurbishment and needless to say, I could have decorated my entire home with their reclaimed, up-cycled, refinished, refurbished and one-of-a-kind pieces!

I was walking around, letting it all soak in when I saw it...THE piece I had been looking for!!!

An 11foot length of aged, raw pine with gorgeous antique legs.....the word SOLD leaped out of my mouth so fast I couldn't believe it!

My heart almost broke when the shop owner said that another patron had been in earlier in the day and had asked her to 'hold' it until she could go home and do some measurements....

We left the shop, after giving he my contact information, with fingers and toes crossed that it would not fit in the other patron's home as I knew it would be perfect in mine....

About 45 minutes later I received a text....IT WAS MINE!!!! A short happy dance ensued and we set up a time for delivery (yes, she would deliver it to my home in Guelph....COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER?!?!)

After some major re-arranging at it is installed! :)


These pictures were taken just shortly after getting it together and set up so I will likely still play with some of the styling and items located on/around it. We had to take a bit off the one end and I will turn that into a shelf, but other then that, it fit and works impeccably with the space!

Here's a close up of the raw, natural edge (I LOOOOVE, LOOOVE, LOOOVE it!), the unfinished wood and those gorgeous (and heavy) antique legs!

This piece has finally brought the room together and given it the look and feel I had been hoping even makes the room and overall space seem bigger!

So...if you're on your way to lake Ontario from the GTA...detour through the cute lil town of Neustadt (just outside of Hanover) is WELL worth the trip!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mom's Day...Every Day!

I'm a wee bit late in posting this, but we had such a great Mom's Day weekend, I just had to share some of the photos!

Love you Mom!!

Succulent in a tea cup for Mom!

The perfect 'directors chairs' for a beachy feel from Chat Noir in Guelph.

Indoor plants for my home to freshen things up... From Sweet Violets in Guelph.

Gorgeous Tulips from my parent's garden!

We did a road trip to some local stores like we always do.....We found the cutest yet glam tea set from Gay Lea in Teeswater! LOVE the GOLD LIP PRINTS!

Mom and I went for a drive which included this gorgeous country lane....we both commented on how it would be a perfect wedding setting!

Another view of the lane...

I'm lucky enough to live close enough to visit my parent's on a more regular basis, making it easier to have "Mom's Day" on a much more regular basis!


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