Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunrise.... was an eerily beautiful, foggy morning on my way to work today.
It was one of those drives, ....watching the sun come up through the trees, the cool crisp air, the music playing and coffee in hand...that you can't help but reflect on things....on life....

I have been very lucky in life....but I have also worked very hard for who and what I am today.
 A drive like this morning's... winding down the hills of the escarpment, seeing horses being let out to pasture, the trees starting to turn....gave me a few moments to think about where I am in my life and that I am very fortunate, but also, what I need to continue to do to keep growing as a person and what I need to do to 'be a better me'.
every day.
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Just some things to think about....
I find taking the time, ...even just a few minutes....., to re-focus and truly reflect on yourself, where you are now and where you want to go...can be the most valuable minutes of the day!

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