Sunday, October 6, 2013

De-Clutter..Your Home and Your Life!

As I was perusing through Facebook this morning over breakfast, I saw 2 interesting articles that seemed to go hand in hand with my weekend plans!

I held an "In-House Sale". I had meant to have a yard sale this summer and it just didn't happen. to my closet and down to the basement I went. Any items I was planning on purging, I then posted in similar groups on my personal Facebook page and my friends could 'buy' them on the spot. Needless to say, it was a success! My house feels lighter already!

These are some of the items I posted. The 3 glass sculptures/tea light holders ($6 for all 3), the chairs ($15 for the pair) and the wall mount tea light holder ($15) are still available ...let me know if you're interested!

When I came across the Style at Home article on 25 Ways to Clear Clutter  and the Huffington Post article on 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing ...a weekend theme was definitely emerging!

I have always been a person to surround myself with things and people I love and I encourage others to do so too! However, sometimes we surround ourselves with a bit too much. Now I'm not saying to remove all things from your life that you love, but I am suggesting you take a step back, re-evaluate and ask yourself, "When did I last use that piece of home decor?" or "My calendar is booked for the next 3 weeks, can I really fit something else in?".

These are some of my  favorite, and what I feel to be most useful, tips from the Style at Home article:
  • Identify problem areas: Take "before" pictures of each room to help identify exactly what needs to be cleared away and which storage solutions might work for each space.
  • Organize your mind: Trying to keep the clutter under control is hard enough for even the most organized individual. Add the extra stress of life-on-the-go and it's easy to lose your mind. Keep a pocket-sized notebook handy and jot down daily to-dos, thoughts and plans. At the end of the day, revisit what you've written and organize appropriately, adding items to a grocery list or activities to a calendar for example.
  •  Baskets: Versatile and sturdy baskets can help you clear clutter on the cheap. Buy a few in the same size and colour to be displayed in multiples.
  • Declutter keepsakes: Artfully organize small mementoes like pictures and cards by creating a pretty wood and glass display box. If you prefer to conceal your keepsakes, an organized file folder with appropriately labeled tabs is a handy place to keep these memories.  
  • Donation hamper: Keep a box or bag handy and place gently used items, as you come across them, inside. When it's full, donate it! 
  • Multi-task cleaning: Watching TV is usually a relaxing time but who likes to sit through all those annoying commercials? Stay on top of organizing by sorting through drawers during commercial breaks. 
  • Neat nightstand: Declare clutter hot spots such as front entryways and nightstands a clutter-free zone. Limit the number of books, magazines and accessories vying for space and attention. If you don't have a nightstand with a drawer, use a basket or tray to keep organized.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! Be realistic: Know your organizing style. If you're naturally tidy then a lot of hidden, compartmentalized storage and minimal displays will be right for you. If you're more comfortable living in organized chaos then don't be afraid to show off what you've got. Spend time styling what you've organized, getting rid of and moving things around until you're satisfied with how everything looks.

So now that I have the house under control, these are things  I have to get better at saying "no" to or stop doing:
  • Saying “yes” to everyone else*
  • Saying “no” to yourself*
  • Body-snarking -- out loud or in your own head
  • Feeling like an impostor when you accomplish something professionally
  • Holding on to regrets and guilt*
  • Being in relationships for the sake of having a relationship
  • Not taking advantage of your vacation days*
  • Spending time with people out of obligation
  • Being embarrassed about your interests
Yes....I even *starred* some as things to REALLY focus on!!

So....start tonight, start tomorrow morning....I have checked off a few things already just by holding my "In House Sale" this weekend (and it will continue this week too). I also said "Yes" to myself this weekend and did some things just for me that I really wanted to do...

My Mom and I went to the Fall Home Show in Toronto...there were some great booths and vendors. I stopped by the Etsy booth to see all the amazing wares of fellow Canadian Etsy sellers.

We also went to the Annie Sloan booth to check out her amazing chalk paint! Can't wait to do another painting project!

I also had the chance to have some fun and do my DIY fabric project sponsored by Tonic Living from their booth at BlogPodium. Fingers crossed I win! :)

In process.....

The finished product!!

I even had some time to snuggle into bed with my computer, a nice cup of tea and work on some design guides and this blog!

So I've already started de-cluttering both my home and my life. It isn't easy, but it is so worth it...even with the few things I've done so far I feel a difference! 

When are you going to start??



  1. women can be so hard on themselves. I love that your house is clean/presentable enough to have an 'in-home sale'. I would scoop those folding chairs in a nano second if I lived closer.
    my girlfriend owns a chalk paint company FAT Paint and sent me some samples for our main bathroom vanity - I can't wait to get some down time to experiment.
    your Tonic Living project turned out great! I used the lime green chevron for Gabe's crib bedding (should have an in-home sale to get rid of it) haha.


    1. I agree...we definitely are and we need to stop! The main floor (and mainly just the front entry/dining/living area) of my house turned into a bit of a 'show room' for people to come pick things up...but...anything past that area....let's just say, I'm very thankful to be off loading some of my wares!
      Are you talking about the FAT Paint company that just had the fire next to their store? I follow them on Instagram and had tears rolling down my cheeks as I saw them post pictures and hoping that their livelihood would not go up in flames. If this is the same person, please pass along that I'm thinking about scary.
      Thanks so much re: the fabric project. It was fun and a nice little break from the craziness of the weekend to pull it together.
      I can't wait to see the next steps of your home...including the painted bathroom vanity!
      Hope all is well, Happy Thanksgiving and talk soon!

  2. I SO need to do this. My problem is time - i'm taking three night classes while working full time, so all sorts of area in my home have become dumping grounds for stuff while I rush off to work, or to do homework, etc. I've got big plans for this weekend - I'm going to be an organizing machine!!

    1. I felt the same I was going a million miles a minute in 10 different directions! But, when I made up my mind that I was going to do it..I DID IT! I know how hard it is to find extra, spare moments, but I think that if you can set aside even 2 hours to do this, you'll actually feel like you have more time in the long run as you have a more streamlined and less cluttered overall feel.
      Hope you have/had a chance to do this this weekend! Keep me posted!

  3. Just found your blog! I agree on SO many of these! I need to have a sale of items. My hubby's been gone for a week and I've actually pushed all the furniture I want to sell into one big area and am going to try and post it all on Craigslist. I'm done with having things that don't work for us anymore taking up our limited space! PS - I met Sara last year at a blogging event in Vancouver, so now I feel like you and I are really only one degree of separation from knowing each other. ;)

  4. Thanks so much for taking to the time read this and for stumbling across my blog! I love your idea of putting everything into one area and then going for it! And...I LOVE Craigslist! I put my items on Facebook and Kijiji but I'll definitely also use Craigslist next time (as I plan on continuing to purge). Believe me, You will feel SOOO much better after a few items have left your home in the hands of people who will find a new use for it. I know it sounds cliche, but I really did feel a small weight lift off my shoulders everytime that happened.
    That's so crazy that you also know Sara...she is one VERY WELL connected gal...and super awesome too! I agree...we most definitely are only one degree of separation apart!
    Hope you are having a great weekend and that we can 'talk' again soon!


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