Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Morphing Mixed Medium

Maria Pezzano is a name synonymous for art, painting, textiles and entrepreneurship... It is also synonymous for friendship.

I was lucky enough to meet Maria and her family as they were my neighbours when I lived in my loft conversion in one of the oldest and cutest neighbourhoods in Guelph. Her smile and passion for what she does is infectious, her giving and generous nature are a rarity these days, and her talent....well, as the pictures below will attest...her talent is insurmountable!

Maria explains her artistic 'process' the best, so I will leave it to her to describe how she comes to produce these magnificent pieces....

"The Process"
Maria Pezzano creates paintings using mixed medium.
From these paintings, she creates patterns and designs.
These are then printed with eco-friendly pigmented inks on organic cotton sateen.
These are then sewn into decorative cushions and duvet covers, locally.
Maria's designs are also printed on wallpaper to compliment the soft surfaces.
Other fabrics include: silk crepe de chine, upholstery twill, cotton linen blend, cotton silk and more.

Maria's ability to bring her visions to life through mixed media and to then transform these pieces of art into soft pieces of art through cushions and duvets are both inspiring and brilliant! Talk about the best of both (all) worlds!

The duvet covers are absolutely stunning...

One of her new pieces....

 Her use of colour and texture.....wow.....

 Cushions and cushion covers.

 Her father was a tailor.....

The next time you are in Guelph, be sure to drop by Maria's boutique at 77 Suffolk St. As you step through the front door, you will be greeted with a warm 'hug' of colour, texture and vision.

Maria and her new Studio partner, Karen Whylie/Coyote Photo, will be holding Fall and Holiday Open Studios October 18 & 20 and November 23 & 24. BE SURE TO DROP BY!! Also be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

I will leave you with some more of Maria's own words...she truly does say it best..



  1. I've never been into Maria's shop, but I'm always drawn to her colourful window displays. I'll have to make a point of checking out one of the open houses.

    1. You really should! Let me know which one you're thinking of attending and we could get caught up!

  2. Those patterns and colours are stunning! Thanks for introducing her to us - I'll have to stop in next time I am in Guelph.

    1. Her work truly is fantastically beautiful! You definitely should drop by! Thanks to you too for your comment.

  3. Once in a while you meet an incredibly positive person, both positive and inspiring inside and out. This personifies Ardis the author of this blog owner of Rustic Retrievals. Thank you for this amazing blog post Ardis. You are so generous, and amazing I am so grateful.

    1. Thank you so, so much! I can say the same thing about you and then some. Thank you for all you do as an artist and for this community!


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